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Meeting #47: Exploration of Emerging Revenue Recovery Models

October 10, 2017

This meeting explored different approaches to ensuring that utilities have the opportunity to recover their revenues in a manner that’s consistent with how the power sector is transforming. Topics included performance-based ratemaking, multi-year rate plans, decoupling, and a “bonus presentation” on the benefits of smart inverters.

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Meeting #46: Electric Vehicles

June 6, 2017

Electric vehicles (EVs) are here, and they could have a profound impact on the future of the power sector. EVs are more than just a new “load” that the system must serve. If the right policies and regulations are instituted, EVs have the potential to save money for consumers, reduce air pollution, increase utility revenues, and provide ancillary services. MADRI’s 46th meeting will focus – for the first time – on EVs as a new kind of distributed resource. We’ll explore the status quo and future of EV deployment, the impacts of EVs on the grid and integration, regulatory issues relating to ownership of public charging infrastructure, and how rate design and prices shape these issues.

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Meeting #45: Grid Modernization

March 7, 2017

The United States has one of the most technologically advanced, reliable grids in the world. And yet, the need to modernize the grid to accommodate new energy and information technologies, market structures, and customer preferences is urgent.

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Meeting #44: State Activities on Distributed Energy Resources

December 16, 2016

Panels: DER Deployment (John Shenot, Jon Kucskar, Michael Winka); Dynamic Price Offerings – Settlement Processes in PJM, BGE (Pete Langbein, Bill Welzant); DER Aggregation/Data Needs (Dirk van Ouwerkerk, Betty Watson, Katherine Hamilton, Karen Lefkowitz)

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Meeting #43: Rate Design for Distributed Energy Resources

September 13, 2016

Panels: NARUC Subcommittee Rate Design Manual (Dan Cleverdon); DER Rate Design – Presenters (Dan Cleverdon, Jim Lazar, Alan Cohn); DER Rate Design – Response Panel (Joe DeLosa, Tanya McCloskey, Mattt McCaffree); DR Procurement Group Discussion – CA Example (Rachel McMahon)

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