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2012 Meetings

Meeting #26: Distributed Generation and Interconnection

Panels: Discussion of MADRI 2005 Interconnection Guidelines (Richard Sedano); Interconnection Standards and Project Permitting (Jim Calore, Scott Gebhardt, Anya Schoolman); Net-Metering, Pricing Issues, and REC’s (Jason Keyes, Dan Cleverdon, Philip VanderHeyden, Rick Swink); Impact of DG on RTO’s (Fran Barrett); Closing Comments (Richard Sedano)

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Meeting #25: Role of Distributed Generation in Demand Response Programs

Panels: What is Back-Up Generation and What is its Value to the Grid? (John Citrolo, Carolyn Jones, Dana Lowell); Moving Ahead with Back-Up Generators: Policies and Market Rules (Paul Sotkiewicz, Marc Wolman, Chris Van Atten); Discussion of DR and Reliability (Joseph Kerecman, Robert Hanna, Aaron Breidenbaugh, Doug Hurley)

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Meeting #24: Impact of Environmental Regulations on Demand Response

Panels: New USEPA Regulations and Implications for Back-Up Generation (Joe Goffman, Kevin Culligan, Melanie King, Stacy Angel); Potential Changes in Grid Operating from New USEPA Regulations (Gary Helm, John Shelk, Joe Bowring); State Agency Perspectives on Impact of Environmental Regulations (Randy Mosier, Ali Mirzakhalili, Vince Brisini)

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Meeting #23: Smart Grid – Benefits, Cost Responsibility and Recovery

Panels: USDOE ARRA Stimulus Awards for Smart Grid and USDOE Customer Engagement Model (Eric Lightner, Juliet Shavit); Operational Benefits of Smart Grid Technology (Chris King, Paul Alvarez); Cost Recovery Mechanisms for Smart Grid (John Caldwell, Eric Matheson, Dan Cleverdon); Opt-out v. Opt-in (Peter Cappers, Sonny Popowsky, Karen Sistrunk)

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Meeting #22: Dynamic Pricing

Panels: State Round-up on Dynamic Price Offerings (Daniel Cleverdon, Eric Matheson, Trisha Gannon); All About Peak-Time Rebates (Richard Hornby, Cheryl Hindes, Susan Covino); Utility-Offered Rate Designs – Intersection with Competitive Services (Kenneth Schisler, Douglas Stinner, Steven Sunderhauf); Role of State Commissions in DR and Shared Savings (Jeanne Fox, Douglas Nazarian, Robert Borlick)

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