Integrated Distribution Planning – Commission Guide

Integrated Distribution Planning Guide - pdf

Executive Summary - pdf

MADRI's Integrated Distribution Planning (IDP) Guide is now complete and available for download at the above links (full version and executive summary). The IDP Guide was intended to be, to the greatest extent possible, a consensus document with contributions from all manner of MADRI stakeholders. Please be in touch with MADRI facilitator, John Shenot ([email protected]) with questions on this effort.


Advanced Metering

MADRI offered a collegial and productive forum for discussing issues during the early days of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) deployment. One notable outcome was the development of a comprehensive AMI Toolbox that broke new ground in educating power sector stakeholders on those issues and developing good regulatory policies.

Interconnection Docs

DER Policy and Regulation

Other Historical Resources

More resources are available at the Regulatory Assistance Project website.

For assistance locating historical materials, please contact Dara Torre, MADRI Project Support & Website Administration.