Meeting Information

Meeting #44: State Activities on Distributed Energy Resources

December 16, 2016

Panels: DER Deployment (John Shenot, Jon Kucskar, Michael Winka); Dynamic Price Offerings – Settlement Processes in PJM, BGE (Pete Langbein, Bill Welzant); DER Aggregation/Data Needs (Dirk van Ouwerkerk, Betty Watson, Katherine Hamilton, Karen Lefkowitz)

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Meeting #43: Rate Design for Distributed Energy Resources

September 13, 2016

Panels: NARUC Subcommittee Rate Design Manual (Dan Cleverdon); DER Rate Design – Presenters (Dan Cleverdon, Jim Lazar, Alan Cohn); DER Rate Design – Response Panel (Joe DeLosa, Tanya McCloskey, Mattt McCaffree); DR Procurement Group Discussion – CA Example (Rachel McMahon)

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Meeting #42: Demand Response and Price Responsive Demand

May 24, 2016

Panels: DR Products and PRD Program in PJM Wholesale Markets (Pete Langbein, Seth Frader-Thompson, Kenneth Schisler, Dan Cleverdon); Response Panel (Marji Phillips, Anne Hoskins, Bill Fields, Robert Borlick); Open Discussion

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Meeting #41: Retail Rate Design for Default Energy Service

March 22, 2016

Panels: Rate Designs for Energy Service (John Shenot, Anne McKibbin, Pete Cappers, Leah Gibbons); Response Panel (Eric Matheson, Susan Covino, Brian Greene, John Farber); Discussion; Overview of RAP White Paper – Designing Tariffs for DG Customers (Janine Migden-Ostrander, John Shenot)

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Meeting #40: Capacity Cost Allocation and Microgrid Issues in PJM

December 8, 2015

Panels: Capacity Cost Allocation (Paul Scheidecker); Microgrid Case Study (Ted Borer, John Webster); Microgrids in Restructured Markets (John Caldwell); Group Discussion

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