Meeting Information

Meeting #29: Combined Heat & Power

August 20, 2013

Panels: CHP Technologies and System Benefits (Richard Sweetser, Geroid Foley, Neal Elliott); Tariff/Ratemaking Issues Influencing CHP Viability (Bill Pentland, Chuck Fullem, Joe Sullivan); Non-Tariff Incentives for CHP (Katrina Pielli, Bill Wolf, Melissa Mullarkey)

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Meeting #28: Dynamic Pricing

May 7, 2013

Panels: State Updates on Dynamic Pricing and Advanced Metering (Dan Cleverdon, Eric Matheson, Calvin Timmerman, Krystina Schaefer); Landscape for Dynamic Pricing in PJM (Richard Hudson, Doug Krall, Peter Langbein); Opportunities for Competitive Service Providers to Offer Mass Market Dynamic Pricing (Ariel Tesher, Jim Reiley, Amy Oehler)

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Meeting #27: Smart Meters and Distributed Resource Data Issues

February 21, 2013

Panels: Smart Meter Capabilities/Impications for Net Metering (Kent Hedrick, Katie Bolcar Rever, Rob Stewart); Data Needs, Access to Data and Consumer Protections (Laurie Duhan, Sam Wolfe, Justin Segall, Paula Carmody); Green Button Initiative (Chris Irwin, Douglas Krall, Ricky Gratz, Chris King)

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Meeting #26: Distributed Generation and Interconnection

December 13, 2012

Panels: Discussion of MADRI 2005 Interconnection Guidelines (Richard Sedano); Interconnection Standards and Project Permitting (Jim Calore, Scott Gebhardt, Anya Schoolman); Net-Metering, Pricing Issues, and REC’s (Jason Keyes, Dan Cleverdon, Philip VanderHeyden, Rick Swink); Impact of DG on RTO’s (Fran Barrett); Closing Comments (Richard Sedano)

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Meeting #25: Role of Distributed Generation in Demand Response Programs

September 6, 2012

Panels: What is Back-Up Generation and What is its Value to the Grid? (John Citrolo, Carolyn Jones, Dana Lowell); Moving Ahead with Back-Up Generators: Policies and Market Rules (Paul Sotkiewicz, Marc Wolman, Chris Van Atten); Discussion of DR and Reliability (Joseph Kerecman, Robert Hanna, Aaron Breidenbaugh, Doug Hurley)

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