Meeting #13

September 15, 2006
FERC, Washington, DC

Agenda - pdf


MADRI Action Plan

Report to Congress on demand response entitled "Assessment of Demand Response and Advanced Metering."
This report was prepared in response to section 1252(e)(3) of EPAct 2005. The report provides information on advanced metering, demand response programs, resource contribution from existing demand response programs, potential for demand response to play a role in regional planning, steps to ensure that demand response is equitably treated in transmission planning, and a discussion of regulatory barriers to demand response.

Smart Power DC Press Release

Report from NERA on AMI, time-based rates, and net metering

NARUC and EPA hosted a workshop entitled "Aligning Regulatory Incentives with Demand-Side Resources" on August 2


  • "Real-time Pricing is the Real Deal" – Anthony Star, Community Energy Cooperative-Chicago
  • Report on recent PJM activities on advanced metering – Brad Johnson
  • Pacific Coast Demand Response and DG Programs – Jim Lazar
  • FERC Staff Report on Demand Response and Advanced Metering – Carol Brotman White
  • "Costing Methodology for Electric Distribution System Planning"